Bulk buyers

Clothing and housewares are sold in bulk


Buyer pays per pound price and all shipping costs


Shipments must be arranged with our warehouse manager, Kem
Esar, esarkemraj@gmail.com.


DO NOT send a trailer until you receive permission from Kem


Current Prices (prices subject to change)

  • Clothing 51 cents USD per pound
  • Housewares 28 cents USD per pound


New buyers must pre-pay


Cloth/housewares (brica/miscel) can be sold in mixed trailers or only product specific


Almost any container (refrig, overseas, high cube, 53 ft trailer) can be used.  Buyer pays all shipping costs.


Bicycles are sold in bulk (prices subject to change)

  • $5 per kids bike
  • $9 per adult bike
  • No “cherry picking” selection allowed
  • 50 bike minimum


Suitcases are sold in bulk $1-4 each; 20 minimum


Shoes can be sold by pallet:

  • New shoes (in boxes) $3-4 per pair
  • Used shoes (pallet or box): call/email Kem Esar 617-592- 0984
    esarkemraj@gmail.com for pricing.


Box truck deliveries can be made to stores in MA or RI; 5150 lbs average.  Call for pricing.


Books are sold by consignment only.