Bulk buyers

Buying Textiles and Housewares from BBBS Foundation

Massachusetts provides some of the world’s best used clothing. While we have a roster of loyal buyers, we’re always willing to bring on a new partner.

Please direct all inquiries for buying to sbeck@bbbsfoundation.org

Before you call, please review the following:

  • We loose pack only
  • We don’t bale
  • We don’t capsack
  • We don’t sell shoes separately
  • Massachusetts product includes a lower volume of shoes than anywhere else in the country. Please be aware.
  • We don’t send photos. That makes no sense.
  • Our clothing is packed in bags and boxes. We can pack the max amount of weight in any container.
  • All new buyers must pre-pay. No exceptions. If you don’t want to pre-pay, please don’t call us. If you are a new buyer, nothing is loaded onto your trailer before we receive payment.
  • Buyers are responsible for costs of shipping, including delivery of container/trailer to our warehouse.
  • “Live Loads” (loads done in one day) are 2 cents per pound additional.
  • A written agreement is required prior to doing business.


Credentialed clothing from residential pickup USD $.50/lb
Housewares, on pallets (call for info) USD $.32/lb
Housewares, loose packed USD $.28/lb

Musical instruments and bicycles are sold separately.

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