Celebrating 25 Years 1997-2021

The Beginning …

BBBS Foundation began operations in Quincy. The building was in rough shape but we managed to make it home.

It wasn’t long before we moved to Holbrook which gave us warehouse as well as office space, a better atmosphere, and much needed upgrades on our computer & phone systems.


In our new digs, outgoing calls increased over 30%.

A decade later, we doubled the number of lines & allowed many staff members to login from home, which reduced turnover and increased production.

We added software to organize the routes and armed drivers with state-of-the-art GPS making residential pickups more efficient than following maps.

Today, we strive to provide the quality customer service straight to your front door.

Many of our drivers, know our donors by name. We take great pride in visiting the same homes year after year, while making new friends every day.


We currently have over 230,000 active donors. They donate for all sorts of reasons, but common themes are a belief in the value of mentoring programs and personal experience as a big or little. They also love that we do not only pick up curbside – our drivers will gladly take bags from the lobby, porch or in front of a garage.

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