BBBSF Business Partner: Geotechnical Engineers Gives Back “Big” to BBBS Foundation

The largest geoenvironmental firm headquartered in New England, Geotechnical Engineers, Inc. (GEI), brings a refreshing – and rare - blend of technical expertise, collaborative spirit and innovation. Founded in 1970 by five Harvard University & MIT graduates, GEI is a trusted source of technical expertise with clients in all 50 states and 25 countries.

GEI was ranked #107 on the 2015 Engineering News-Record (ENR) Top 500 Design Firms list (rising 163 positions since 2007). The firm was also ranked No. 79 on ENR’s 2015 Top 100 Pure Designers list.

Their work in professional engineering and sciences services is certainly impressive. Equally as impressive are their community-mindedness philanthropic endeavors, including a partnership with Big Brother Big Sister Foundation.

GEI has been supporting BBBS Foundation and BBBS agencies through their membership with Society of Marketing Professionals Services (SMPS) for quite a while. In recent years, GEI has generously deepened its commitment.

“Last fall, we donated computer equipment to the BBBS Foundation,” explains Ben Sawa, Director of Marketing at GEI. “We also welcomed BBBS agency advocate Tom Bentley who spoke about the difference a mentor can make to a child at risk. We plan to hold a clothing drive this spring.”

The Foundation appreciates the efforts of all its business partners, but is especially grateful when successful corporations, such as GEI Consultants, encourage and support their team members in giving of their time - and themselves. Several GEI staff members now serve as big brothers or sisters.

One of GEI’s Engineers, David McVeety, is a Big Brother. 

When asked What is the most rewarding part of being a Big? David, an articulate young man replied, “Seeing D’mani’s mental growth has been awesome. He is now more confident in society, and is quickly learning the reasons why things are the way they are—why his mom is so strict with him at times; why he needs to do his homework. He is developing a genuine self-awareness with a great sense of humor.”

The confidence D’mani has developed is not unusual – it is often the greatest gift a mentor can offer an at-risk child. But the impact littles have on bigs is just as profound, evident as David continues,

“I have had to adjust my perspective. Experiencing D’mani’s home environment has changed and strengthened my own socio-economic beliefs and my sense of society.”

Anytime we can break down barriers – real or perceived – it serves to strengthen us as a community. Big Brother Big Sister Foundation thanks GEI Consultants for their role in moving that agenda forward.