About the BBBS Foundation

What is Big Brother Big Sister?
Big Brother and Big Sister agencies have been providing mentoring services to children for more than fifty years. Each little brother or sister is paired with an adult mentor—an invaluable opportunity for a one-to-one friendship. Local BBBS programs serve more than 6,000 children and their families.

What is the BBBS Foundation?
The BBBS Foundation is dedicated to supporting Big Brother Big Sister organizations in the Greater Boston and Southern New Hampshire. Our mission is to raise money for these agencies by helping the community to "Clean Up Clutter For a Good Cause!" We send our fleet of trucks to over 200 towns in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire to pick up gently used items at your doorstep—including resalable clothing, coats, jeans, small household items and toys. The BBBS Foundation turns these items into cash and then we donate up to 100% of net profits to the mentoring organizations.

How long have you been operating?
The Big Brother Big Sister Foundation has been picking up clothes since August of 1996, but local Big Brother Big Sister agencies have been serving children for more than fifty years.

Who do you support?
We donate up to 100% of the net profits from our sales to area mentoring organizations, including:

What happens to my donations? Do you give the clothing away to needy families?
When you donate clothing and other items to the BBBS Foundation we sell your donations in bulk at our very own "Big B" thrift store and other stores. We then give the net profits to Big Brother Big Sister mentoring organizations. During times of need we do give donations to families. Please visit Thebigb.org for more information about our thrift store.   

What percentage of the profits do the thrift stores give you?
We sell to thrift stores in bulk. We do not sell on a percentage basis.

What percentage of the money raised goes to the program?
100% of the net proceeds profits go to supporting Big Brother Big Sister mentoring organizations.

Will the BBBS Foundation help programs in my town?
Yes. Every town in our service area benefits directly from any monies raised.

Are you sure it is okay for you to pick up these donations?
Yes. We are registered with the offices of the Secretary of State and the Attorney General, and we have taken any necessary steps to comply with local police departments' requirements.